Sears Contracting
Sears Contracting
Sears Contracting
Sears Contracting
Sears Contracting
Sears Contracting
Sears Contracting
Sears Contracting
Sears Contracting
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We operate from a federally regulated mine. All of the sands are mined here and then the clean sands are washed and separated. Fill Sand is not processed but it is a clean product.

Fill Sand or Road Material

This material is basically the same. It is a product that is a combination of clay and sand that is natural to our area. This is not a processed material but it is clean. It is mined here and so contains no trash or building materials. The ratio of clay to sand varies depending on the vein from which it is mined.

Fill Sand is usually used as a compactable base for foundations, to raise and level ground, in dog kennels and in barns.

Road Material needs to have a higher sand content to give the compaction as well as the drainage required for driveways or roadways.

A Sand

This is a coarse, washed clean, pure sand that is beach consistency. It contains larger grains to include tiny pebble, shell sized pieces. It is used to mix concrete, as play sand for children’s sand boxes, horseshoe pits, under houses to provide moisture control and on beaches when erosion has taken its toll.

Mason Sand

This is a fine, washed clean, pure sand. Its most common use is making mortar for laying brick. It is recommended for use under the liner of any aboveground swimming pool. Its fine texture means that there is nothing in it large enough to pierce that lining and allow water to escape or cause you to have to replace the liner.

Golf Course Sand

Some Golf Course Sands are pure sand and others are blended with additives to meet the specifications of their use, i.e. Greens Mix, Top Dressing Sand, etc. If you have a need for this product please contact the office for more information.


Topsoil can be, and very often is, seasonal. It is a screened product and only available for delivery. Please contact the office if you would like more information or to set up a delivery.

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